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Quickly grow your academy to a 6-figure business

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Knorish enables people like you who are not coders and want to sell online courses using their own website to discover limitless possibilities of scaling into a global brand with better revenue & better growth

  • Easily create website and app
  • Deliver recorded courses or live sessions
  • Build sales funnels to accelerate revenues

Sanjeev Kapoor

Geeta Malik

Yukti Kapoor Mehandiratta

Harish Kumar

Here’s what you need to do to start your journey:

1. Sign-up & Install Theme

Build your website without being a designer, seriously

2. Create your course(s)

OR even co-create with other coaches

3. Make a sales funnel

Most important step

4. Launch, sell & earn

Grow & scale your business

… & achieve realistic goals like:


0 to a 6-figure business in 60 days

Geeta says

“The knowledge you find scattered online is not a match for something as organized as a thoughtfully curated online course”

After successfully running cooking camps for 8+years, Ms Malik has applied all her acquired rich knowledge and experiences in designing her cooking courses. She launched Enrichment Academy during the COVID-19 lockdown and learners have loved learning a new life skill at their own pace. Combined with stellar automated customer support, Enrichment Academy has helped over 1000 people improve their culinary skills.


0 to a 7-figure business in less than a year

Yukti says

“I was totally dreading technology & whoever I spoke to for a solution asked of heavy capital requirements to start off. But when I finally launched my first online course, everyone said the course is so good, you need to price it. It will sell, and it did!”

Erickson Certified Coach (ICF accredited) and Former Gladrags Mrs India (Runner up) Ms Yukti Kapoor Mehandiratta has enabled over a thousand professionals and aspiring leaders to become a better leader in their organization and has enabled them to reach higher in their career with the academy’s online courses and live online one-on-one coaching. Today, the academy is a 7-figure business with 0 marketing dollars and pure organic content marketing on social media.

However, MOST online academies never have a content problem. Their knowledge about the subject matter is also not the concern.

The real problem that holds your potential back from growing your online academy to a 6 figure business is – efficiently marketing & selling your courses out to the world, & the 1 way you can solve that is by building a


with Knorish

But what exactly is a Sales Funnel?

An automated salesman for your online business that never complaints, never asks for a raise & never even takes a break!

Sells your courses for you 24/7 & helps you earn, even when you sleep.

A sales funnel is a customer journey on your webpage that guides your visitors step-by-step from the moment they land on the page towards making a buying decision with the help of a series of landing pages, emails, videos, offers & payment methods, so that they don’t get LOST & take the desired action putting you in charge

Not just that, following is a host of other reasons why several aspiring entrepreneurs are putting themselves in charge & taking all the power in their hands with Knorish:

Everything you need to run your education business in one platform

Conduct live sessions and webinars with Zoom

No need to pay for Zoom separately

  • Unlimited Live Sessions, Webinars and Meetings
    Conduct live sessions as a single session, ongoing, or even automatically planned multiple sessions
  • Upto 500 Participants
    All sessions can include up to 500 participants, promote participants to panelists
  • Planning and logistics automation
    Automated Pre and post-live session reminders, cancellation and session rescheduled emails
  • Conduct Polls or Quizzes
    Engage participants better, conduct polls, Q&A, Quizzes and more
  • Several other premium Zoom enterprise Features
    Whiteboard and Annotation Tools, Mute/unmute panelists, In-session text-chat and much more

Break away from the dependence on designers & developers

  • Your own custom domain
    Connect your custom domain and showcase your brand
  • Beautiful responsive website templates
    Amazing themes that make your website look beautiful on web and mobile
  • Drag ‘n’ drop designing
    Hundreds of pre-designed stunning blocks to choose from
  • Sales funnels and landing pages
    Grow your business and sell courses faster with landing pages and automated funnels
  • Custom CSS/HTML
    Need something different? Add customizations with custom CSS/HTML
  • SSL
    Best in class end to end security with SSL AES 256-bit encryption

Bid goodbye to endless worries of payments & marketing automation with hassle-free integrations

  • Automate Payment Collection & Refunds
    Connect your own payment gateways or use inbuilt Knorish gateways to collect domestic and international payments
  • Promo Codes
    Sell courses faster with discounts and offer codes that get your students excited
  • Automatic Payouts
    Setup once and automatically get your earning payouts processed and transferred to your bank account
  • GST Compliance
    Build a GST compliant business and automatically issue GST compliant invoices to learners
  • Multiple payment options
    Offer several payment options such as credit & debit cards, netbanking, digital wallets, UPI, and more

Stay ahead of the game with the most powerful course builder

  • Unlimited bandwidth, students, and content
    Absolutely ZERO restrictions on bandwidth, number of students and course content
  • Intuitive course builder
    Build and launch your course in just a few simple clicks. As easy as sending an email.
  • Multimedia rich courses
    Create highly engaging courses with Videos, documents, Pdf, excel files, and more
  • Conduct Assessments
    Check for understanding and learning progress with graded multiple choice or single choice questions and more
  • Course Completion Certificates
    Offer pre-configured beautifully designed certificates with your branding or use your own custom designs
  • Drip Content
    Schedule your course and lesson release as per your schedule or basis the student signup date
  • Adaptive Streaming
    Enable students to access courses and stream high or low quality videos depending on students’ internet speed

Student performance, analysis & revenue tracking: All on your finger-tips

  • Earning analytics
    Track revenue and sales, courses sold, coupons used, monthly and daily sales, earnings and more
  • User Analytics
    Get deeper insights to student course progress, engaged users, assessment progress, and more
  • Traffic Analytics
    Enhance your marketing and sales efforts with analytics on user behaviour such as active users by browsers, OS, location and more

No more jumping on multiple platforms to learn marketing skills

Get access to Knorish Academy: The A-Z library on how to grow your online business & enhance your online academy. Designated courses, masterclasses & live webinars from leading industry experts for you to grow your online business at your own pace, efficiently.


Build magnetic websites & sales funnels using stunning templates

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Thousands are using Knorish to grow their online course business, build their brand & change their lives. Hear it out from the Knorish community itself:

Yukti Kapoor Mehandiratta

Founder – sbyacademy.in

Harish Kumar

Founder – outdeboxacademy.com

Shaurya Sinha

Founder – Sleepdepriveddreamers.com

Geeta Malik

Founder – enrichmentacademy.in

Dr. Shamoly Khera

Founder – Speak To Inspire Academy

A. K. Sarvanan

Founder – garbhaham.in

With a solid backbone of

India’s leading investors on board

Sanjay Mehta

Founder & Partner – 100x.VC

Principal – Mehta Ventures

Ninad Karpe

Partner – 100x.VC

Ex-CEO – Aptech

Uday Sodhi

Senior Partner – Kurate Consulting

Ex-Business Head – SonyLIV

And Standard Greases Group

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2021’s Top Online Course Ideas Most In Demand

In our previous articles, we had mentioned about several online course ideas that are great money makers which could help you finalise what kind of online courses to publish based on your skills and knowledge. In this article we discuss with you how to find online course ideas that sell well and generate a strong passive income. Additionally, this post is to help you refine your search for the perfect online course where your expertise and learning search trends meet. So if you are looking for an inspiration on which topic to create an online course, then look no further.

Monetize your expertise with your own online course. Here’s how

The education and learning systems around the world are evolving rapidly. With mobile data costs dropping significantly, opportunities are swarming in internet-based businesses. A recent report by the World Economic Forum states that by 2025, the online learning industry would be worth $325 billion worldwide.

5 Step Strategy To Run Facebook Ad Funnels That Drive Conversions

Every brand can achieve rocking sales on Facebook but the key to selling better and faster isn’t just to dole out tons of content out there. Creating a Funnel is the smarter move you can make instead. Most businesses simply run conversion ads hoping users would come to your site and make a purchase.

4 amazing hacks to optimize your sales funnel for exponential sales

Sales funnels guide your potential customers to a buying decision through a series of landing pages, emails, videos, offers & payment methods. A sales funnel is built ONLY for 1 specific purpose – the purpose you want the visitors to land on your page & take any action on a particular subject without getting lost in other things on the page.

Online Course Businesses Need To Focus On Automation. Here's Why

The growth of your Online Course Business depends on how efficiently you use your time. After all, there is only so much you can do in 24 hours. This is why automating tasks and roles without losing your own time is key to a successful business.

How to promote your online course and sell fast?

For selling online courses well, you need a detailed plan and well thought out strategies that help you reach out to your prospective customers who get to know about your online courses, like them and buy them from you. The technique of selling online courses relies heavily on creating an amazing online course with great content and then marketing the course well. In this post, we share with you some quick ways to make sure you get the traction you need, to sell your course.

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  • Detailed reports & analytics tool
  • …and much more, all on 1 single dashboard!

The time to launch your own online academy will never be better

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Knorish?

Knorish is a technology solution that allows anyone and everyone to launch their own online courses with their own brand.
Experts, niche influencers, people in general and businesses can now simply sign up on the platform and quickly build, launch and sell their online courses based on their knowledge to a global audience from a website that they build on our platform with their own branding.

2. Who can use Knorish?
3. Does Knorish also help with website design?
4. How long does it take to create the entire website? Can it be made within the week?
5. Can Knorish help in domain research and purchasing?
6. Can you manage the content from your side as well?
7. What is a sales funnel & how can it help me in my business with Knorish?
8. Is a sales funnel necessary for my online course business?
9. How will Knorish help me build a sales funnel for my business?
10. Do I need any prior knowledge to build my first sales funnel with Knorish?